When I graduate, I need to travel.  I feel the need to explore my surroundings, become awakened to the things that lie beyond those 5 little “Great Lakes”. When I was very little, I had always imagined to travel to a place like Paris, or Rome, or Spain. The places in the books that were so beautiful, so fascinating. I still dream of travel as I did when I was young. I dream of traveling to more places, maybe less known, maybe still in the United States, maybe to places that would have such little technology that they are often overlooked. I won’t just go to the lights and the booming cities. I also would love to visit places such as Africa, such as Germany, Australia (Can anyone say Opera House?!), and so many other places! I want to explore this world around me, I want to experience  as much as I can, where and while I can!

You can find more out about my travel by clicking to this link.

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3 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Hey Kelly! I like your layout and color choice. Only thing I need to stress is the importance of filling out your blog with more depth. Mainly you need to fill out you travel, family, about me, and high school pages. Also you have a page for High School and categories? I would remove the categories and leave a page. Or even make on page that is just High School Career. As Axel said with Miley’s blog, to have more than one category related to the same thing just makes it more difficult to navigate. Make everything in one place. I love that you have photos on almost every page. I need to get some, but I don’t really care to have my photo taken, but I will in the future. Your posts are also good. You are in fact a person of the arts. Being a fan of them as well I love your title picture. Gotta love Broadway. Didn’t you go to Wicked? Maybe even though it was last year make a post about it. Just fill out your blog some more and I think you will be good. Also try not to just rely on photos, people like to read, and make sure to put the photos last so the people who view your blog don’t just look at the photos and get bored. Give them something to look forward to when describing your life 😀 Love you Kelly ❤ 😀 😀 😀 😀

    1. Thank-you for your input Mike, I have taken your critism and have actively reassessed and made the minor changes to my blog. If you would like to take another look at it, be my guest. Please let me know if you see anything else that could be made better! And I love you too, Mike!!! ❤

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