High School Career

I attended Oakridge High School and I participated in many different clubs, sports, and programs that kept me quite busy. My life from freshman year to senior status had changed quite drastically. I had always participated in student council and during my freshman and sophomore year I was also the vice president of the Gay- Straight Alliance, which I had to step down from when my academics and athletics increased. But when I started as a freshman I was a little on the heavier side, so I then joined sports, which I before would only watch on television. My first sport -since I was young- was softball. I joined the Junior Varsity Softball Team which was coached by Brenda Hanson. My position was right and center field and I was number 11. I carried that number 11 to the next year when I was, again, right and center fielder for the JV Softball team. I enjoyed softball very much and my team and I had become very close. Also, as a sophomore, I started participating the in Drama Club that Oakridge has, which is led by Kim Nelski. The summer before my Junior year I put in an application for the Early College of Muskegon County. This is a program where only 50 or so students from the Muskegon area were entered into Muskegon Community College as full time college students and high school students. These select students will recieve their Associates of Science and Arts a year earlier than their class would and will be on their way to their Bachelors degree. Then as a Junior, I had a minor set back, they had many cuts from the Varsity Softball team and I was one of those cuts, only two girls who tried out for the team they had already set up were allowed in. So, that is when I joined the Girls Varsity Track team. I was in field events, participating in shotput and discus.  Also, as a Junior, I was inducted into the National Honors Society. I actively volunteered in the community and enjoy doing so. More clubs that were avaliable to me as a Junior had been Link Crew. This is a freshman transition commitee. In this club, I was in charge of helping the middle schools transition into their lives as freshman. As a senior I added Varsity Cheer to my list of athletics and clubs that I involved myself in. Another activity that I included myself in since I was a freshman was the Oakridge Choir – where I was one of the few First Sopranos-. I actually participated in choir for over 6 years, and always actively included myself in the arts since I was young.  So, as a recap, I participated in the Oakridge Choir, the Drama Club, JV Softball, Varsity Track, Varsity Cheer, Link Crew, Student Council, the Gay- Straight Alliance, National Honor Society, and the Early College of Muskegon County. Go here for more information on individual things I do with athletics. Go here for more information on what I do for academics and here for my volunteer work. And go to this category for more information on my arts!

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