About Kelly Snow:

My name is Kelly Snow and I currently attend Western Michigan University. I am currently working on my Bachelor’s for a double major in Criminal Justice and Behavioral Psychology, and a double minor in Sociology and Arabic. I received my diploma from Oakridge High School and my Associates degree at Muskegon Community College in Arts and Sciences. I am also, recently, engaged to my boyfriend of over two years. You can see a bit more by clicking here and feel free to contact me at ksnow1996@gmail.com or leave a comment if you wish to know more, have questions, comments, or other concerns.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Kelly, the first thing that I thought when I looked at your blog was that you must love theatre, and I loved that! Another thing that I really enjoy is your media. You have a picture with almost every post you make which really helps give a visual image of what you are doing. You are organized very well, and you seem to be keeping your blog updated with posts regularly. Although your blog is looking good, I have found a few things that might help make it better. The first thing that I think will help is to add more information to your pages. They have quite a bit of media, but I feel like an explanation of the media would look better than just having a bunch of pictures sitting there. Another thing that I think would benefit your blog is to add some more information about yourself. You are a smart and unique person, let people know more about you. Add some volunteer work as well, I know you are in National Honor Society, tell people what you do. Other than that your blog seems to be coming along quite well. Good job.

  2. Suggestion 1- Hey Kelly, I like your opening page and quote. It’s really nice. Although I must say with my poor vision the heading text is a little too small in my opinion. If you can find a way to thicken or darken for that matter the font, I believe it would be much easier for a person to read without straining their eyes.

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