Semester Ending…

Hey ya’ll! I just wanted to tell you guys that I am really busy for this week and the next what with finals and such, you may not here much from me. But I am posting now, so that’s what counts right?

I am here to give you tips about studying with finals coming; hope this helps!

  1. Use an assignment notebook – write down all your assignments so you are sure not to forget to do anything!
  2. Study in the same place & at the same time – find a quiet place away from any distractions and with room to work & figure out what time is best for you to study and work so that you can keep it in your schedule to make it a routine.
  3. Use a select space – keep all of your supplies and work in a select space so that when you settle down to work it is all right at your disposal.
  4. Cut out the distractions – no TV, no phone, no loud music, cut out anything that can cause you to be distracted.
  5. Do the hard tasks first – your brain will be fresh and the easy stuff will be even easier later.
  6. Review regularly – homework is not just what is assigned, you have to make sure to review notes and assignments to really retain the information.
  7. Have a positive attitude – being positive about the work that needs to be done, if you are negative about it then it will become harder to concentrate and do well.
  8. Don’t stress – give yourself enough time and keep an open mind, the more you do that the less stressful it will be.

Good luck on any studying and finals you all may have!


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