A Letter To My Grandmother

Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you a letter that I wrote to my grandmother, while I was growing up. Even, though she is not here today I can imagine what some of her answers would be and I encourage people to do this with people they love, or miss, or even, cannot stand. It is a great way to get some feelings out. So, although it is a bit personal, I knew I had to put my feelings out there. Because even if she cannot see it, someone can and someone may care; and that thought alone makes me feel better.

Hello Grandma, 

I know that I never really knew you, but I felt that I always have. I can feel you around me; in my heart, and in some of my thoughts. You are there to keep me from stumbling and falling down, to glue the pieces of me back together through the love you convey to me. I cherish the few months that I had you, even if I did not know you or what you could ever mean to me; I love you Grandma. 

Sometimes, when I think about you, I cannot help but think of if you would be proud of me; my accomplishments and my failures. If you would think I would be able to really carry out my dreams, or if I could carry on at all. I know in my heart, that you believe in me; that you have the utmost confidence in who I am, despite my flaws. You really have always been here, surrounding me with your presence, in an unexplained way. In a way that only you, my beautiful grandmother, can. 

I love you so much, thank you!


Thank you for taking the time in reading something that means so much to me; I encourage more people to do something like this.


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