Hey “Whoever’s Listening”…

I have decided to really do whatever I feel like with  this blog, I think it may be a little chaotic, but that is nature… it is all chaos. Anyway, I wanted to start doing little things from quotes, paintings, poems, or even music that has given me inspiration lately, so that is what I will be posting more of. From now on I am going to give you guys a taste of inspiration each week! ( I will be adding these pieces to the Inspiration page!)

So, for this week, I found this song by Greg Holden; this song has really brought up some feelings about an old friend I used to have and I wanted to share it because I really thought it was a tasteful song. I am hoping that someone who is looking at this blog can connect with it, I am also hoping that it will inspire people to look inside themselves and come to terms with who they are, not just about orientation, and most of all, I am hoping this will give everyone a look into more than their own world. People are struggling with much more than grades and looks, some people cannot even be who they want to be.

So, here you go, I hope you enjoy the talent of Greg Holden and that you are inspired by this!


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