It has been years since I have posted…

It has been so long since I have decided to post on this blog, years in fact… many of the people that I had following me before -if any- probably are all gone now, moving on with their lives; as I have mine. Though this may be true, I think it would be beneficial for me, and to those who want to listen for me to try and start this blog off again, and if you choose to listen, maybe we can help each other and grow together! I can tell you that my life has been a series of up’s, and (like any other person) I have had a few down’s now and again; let me tell you about it…

Since graduating from Oakridge High School in May of 2014, I continued my education and finished getting my Associates Degree from Muskegon Community College through the Early College Program. I applied to go to a few different universities, getting accepted at some… and turned down at others. This was one of the biggest heartbreaks was not going to the university that I truly wanted to get into; not because of my lack of education or intelligence ( I am highly intelligent) but only because of the amount of competition there was and who I could not beat out to get in. So, I went to my second choice: Western Michigan University. Please, do not get me wrong, this was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life; WMU is an amazing school and it has the best Psychology program in so many areas -which is where I eventually settled-.

Upon choosing WMU, I quickly changed my major from music education to something I found more suiting for me (that I had been looking at for quite some time), which would be a major in Sociology. When I did this, I knew what I wanted as a career, but still not as a major, because I was not sure where it would take me. My family helped support me through all of this, along with my boyfriend of almost two years, and we moved me down to Western Michigan University at the end of August of 2015. That was really hard at first, to be away from my family for so long…

The first day that I was moved down, my mom, dad, and boyfriend (Trent) helped me unpack as I went to a meeting with my hall director in my dorms (which, was nerve-wracking in itself because I moved into a transfer dorm at the age of 19; because I received my Associates degree so early). As I was there, my family was unpacking my things and when I was done I had a series of events called “Fall Welcome”, that I had to do all week. So, when I was done with my meeting I went back to see my family for  about an hour, I saw my mom first and the tear stains that were all over her face, then my dad and how he was holding himself together, and lastly Trent, who seemed to be just stressed over my leaving. As we were unpacking we reminisced about when I was younger and how I could not wait to get an education. By the end,  I was a mess; it was a  hot day, I had tears in my eyes, we said our goodbyes and it only got harder. My mom cried and cried so hard, as she made me promise to be good and come back to her in one piece. Then, my dad took me aside and he gave me a hug, I could feel tears coming hard now, he whispered to me “you have a real good chance here, I know you’ll make me proud”, and then Trent, my rock, he gave me a huge hug and kiss, he promised to call me all the time and he cried, as he held me telling me to “do good, and come back soon”.

When the door shut and my family walked down the hall, that is when I had my first real break down. I cried and cried, my eyes were hurting, my head pounding, and I could not breathe. I was alone, and I felt every bit of loneliness in that moment that I thought I would; just not as an empowering feeling. I got myself together though, I went on to my meetings, and by the end of it, I felt much better. I had made so many friends in that small amount of time, that have turned out to have held true.

Half a semester went by, I had my friends, myself, and my family at home. And now it came to be November. It was our anniversary, our second year together and he planned this amazing trip to the Windy City. We were going down for the weekend, to just enjoy a beautiful time together, see the sites, enjoy the small shops, and the big ones, all of that. It was perfect, even after the first day. The second day, the seventh, was our anniversary and it was even more amazing than the first day. That night, Trent took me to this great little restaurant called “The Rosebud”; it was beautiful. It had candlelight, music, it was so romantic. That is when he handed me this note, I read it at the end of dinner, it told of our entire love story. I cried, so did he, I was made to read it aloud; at  the  end, he told me he had everything “a best friend, a lover, a soul mate, and now a fiancee…”, and when I looked up, he was on his knee. I said yes.

By the end of the semester, I had a 3.6 GPA, a fiancee, I made the Dean’s List, I made Alpha Lambda Delta, and I had an amazing first semester at WMU. Now, I am in my second semester and it is going so well. I have had other up’s and other down’s; I will continue to do so, but my life is good and I have made so many friends and have had an amazing time discovering who I am.


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