It Has Been Awhile…

Hey guys! I know I have not posted in what seems like forever and I just wanted to get a quick update out there. So, I have decided what to do with my life. I will be a music major, and will go into music education. That is part of the reason I have not been on in a long time, I have been so busy with life lately. I have college, regular classes, and choir! I had to give up track because the commitment was not completely there, but I am still doing as much as I can handle on my plate at the moment. I get to leave for Washington D.C. very soon -next weekend- and am so excited to do so! Hmm… what else… I guess I have just had a hectic last month and a half. I went to a lovely show yesterday and if you happen to be in the Muskegon area, you should check it out. It’s called Studio on Stage and is put on by Muskegon Community College’s acting and dance classes! It is very fun and enjoyable. So, that’s all for me today, I’ll try to keep up on this a bit more! Have a good weekend everyone!


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