Quote of the Week

So, I’ve decided to start something new this week, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep updated on it pretty well with my busy schedule. I’m trying out a quote of the week, not just to inspire others, but to give me some motivation as well! I’ll be posting a new quote every week, I will provide the quote, author, and what the quote means for me. I may do a follow up to see how the quote has changed my week by thinking of it and applying it. I will try to post these every Monday -obviously not this week-, and keep them going.

This week my quote is:

“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.”  ~Emory Austin


To me, this quote is pretty much related to my life, not only because music is my life and what truly inspires me, but also because everyone has had “those days”. Some days I get up and get ready for my day, and something just ruins it. Whether that be an argument the night before, the lack of sleep I get, or any other thing that throws me off. What I have to remember is to just keep singing, no matter what kills the song in my heart that day. It may be hard to do, you may want to just forget everything and crawl back in bed and let the day be over, but you cannot just give up. You keep pushing, keep dancing, acting like nothing bothers you, and just remember why that song is there to begin with.


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