College Starts Next Week…

So not ready for my break to be over, but I have my classes coming up this week. Monday starts off with General Psychology, then on Tuesday I have Theater 101, and again with Psychology on Wednesday. I have already started my Anthropology class, which seems pretty enjoyable so that’s good! Hmm… what else… I have drama starting soon for the spring musical, we are doing Legally Blonde! I hope that that will be fun, as well. We start with workshops for the musical on Monday and Tuesday, then I have auditions on Wednesday and Thursday! And on Friday we’ll know. I really am not hoping for a certain part, I’ve always had speaking parts in the plays, but with how busy my schedule is I would be fine with just the chorus. Then I have to start conditioning for track in the spring and I also am starting the Insanity workout tomorrow! Busy, busy, busy! Well, that’s my schedule for the week, on top of homework and such… whew!!!


One thought on “College Starts Next Week…

  1. Kelly, I have enjoyed reading your blogs. I am very proud of the young adult that you have grown to be. I have no doubt in my mind that you will be very successful in whatever endeavors you decide to pursue. I know that it hasn’t been easy “juggling” high school, college, volunteer work, theatre work, choir concerts, not to mention your sport programs but I have faith (as well as many others) that you will do well, and will achieve to reach those goals! I just wanted to tell you that Dad and I are proud of you and love you.

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