Finals are Finally Over!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted… Oops! I’ve been very extremely busy this past week or so from finals for Muskegon Community, also with Christmas coming up, it’s just too much going on! I was able to do fairly well with my finals and now I’m just up for a breather. Christmas break is coming up for Oakridge High School and I cannot wait for that bell to ring on Friday for some much needed time off. I get a month off for MCC and that is very welcomed, if only it were a month for high school, too. Anyway, some updates that have been going on in my life…

  • Finals are all completed for MCC
  • Did a very nice project on Wikileaks and Guantanamo – will post later
  • Now starting work for our tribute week of assignment for Nelson Mandela
  • I’ve been Christmas shopping like crazy!
  • Had Christmas parties to attend, plus a Christmas dance
  • Thinking about finding some work to fill my pocket after Christmas is done
  • Going to be setting up a Christmas tree for my 7th and 8th grade choir
  • Two Secret Santa’s are in need of my attention – making the gifts
  • Starting the essay for the Building A Better World Travel Scholarship
  • Started a new 10 week workout plan
  • Been volunteering more for National Honors Society – Santa workshop, Vendors show, Caroling, etc.

Well, that’s about all so far in my hectic life. Will definitely be updating more regularly, I promise. Maybe even going to start up a quote of the week!




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