Senior Current Issues Blog Grade

My blog is now up and running, but I have yet to make the podcast. I will do so over break and give it to Mr. Wood on the Monday we come back, on a flash drive. Currently I have my CV here, I have my letter of recommendation -I will be adding more to the list of letters-, I have my activity sheet here, and my media fills my  entire blog. You may go to any of my categories to find media available on them. I try to include media in almost all posts. My goals, besides the podcast, have been met and I try to update my blog regularly -time permitting-!


One thought on “Senior Current Issues Blog Grade

  1. CA Blog Finale Requirements – Each of the following will constitute 20 points in total 100 point assignment grade. I will subtract 10 points for a late post on this assignment for the CA total. If the CA total is not posted at all and I must go and total these requirements up on your blog I will reduce your final CA grade by 50%.

    This was the assignment as posted on Tuesday November 26 – pretty simple – #3 – (All students) CA goals are noted here.  Make sure that your blog is up to date in regards to all of the requirements.  You must make a post on your blog (Senior Current Issues Blog grade) that I will read by Thursday and I will grade you on a 100 point Common Assessment in regard to following through on the blog requirements.  If you do not currently have a podcast, say so on the post.   If you intend to do a podcast this weekend, note it on that  post and hand it to me on a flash drive first thing Monday morning in MP3 or MP4 format if you want credit.

    CA Grade totals noted below…

    20 – Resume
    20 – Activity Sheet
    20 – Media (photos, slideshows, etc)
    20 – Letter of Recommendation
    0 – Podcast

    Final Grade: 80% B

    Well done Kelly…your blog is nice. You’ve kept it updated…stick with it I think you’ll like it. I do think it will get you in the door on some scholarships…and it’s a good habit to get into.

    Don’t get too racy on it however, as when politicians run for office the opposition goes back and mines for data to destroy them…and since I know that you will be running for office at some point –

    Let me know if you have a podcast. Bring it in. We will adjust your grade accordingly.

    Well done.

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