Mackinac Weekend

Sorry I haven’t updated in quite awhile guys, I had spent the entire weekend -from Friday morning to Sunday- in the Upper Peninsula for the Oakridge Eagles semi-finals football game against Menominee. We left Friday morning, during the first class hour and boarded a charter bus that took us all the way up to Mackinac, when we reached right before the bridge we were able to shop and eat, there were many closed down shops, but it was still very enjoyable! After we were done, we traveled across the bridge. I had seen it before, but many people were also very excited to travel on it. We took pictures, bonded with the team, and had a fun time. When we got to the hotel we were able to unload, get our room assignments, and go swimming. The warm water was very welcomed compared to how cold and snowy it was outside! We had to be in our rooms at 11 p.m., but we were still wound! The game was to be at 4 o’clock on Saturday and so we got to bed, waking the next day pumped up for the big game. The game was played at the Superior Dome, which was huge! Our boys played their hearts out, the cheerleaders and student sections were pumped up, but sadly our journey to Ford Field came to its end at that field. Our boys did great, though, always pushing. The other team was just faster, they were undefeated and it was easy to see why. In the end, I can say that I am still very proud of my Eagles and that I am forever an Eagle!

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