Trick or Treat

Hey ya’ll, it’s that time of year… Halloween!  This year, I won’t be out celebrating for too long for I have my Philosophy class tonight, but I did throw something together for school. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. It’s a holiday that belongs to the imagination and excitement. A holiday where you can be and do what you want, where no

Lena and Ione judges you for how you look. It’s pretty great! In spirit of Halloween, I’ve found a cute little poem I would love to share about all the creepiness that is meant to go on during this spooktacular holiday. So, without further ado…

                                                                       Halloween Night

Author Unknown

The corpse that walks,
its solemn line.
The vampire stalks,
finds blood to dine.
The werewolf howls
at the silver moon.
His human form
what’s showing at noon.
The mummy’s cries
of pain and loss.
His wraps that smell of must and moss.
The witch that flies,
upon her broom
casting curses
and spelling doom.
The black cat scurries,
hisses and claws
through the graveyard walks his paws.

Source: Halloween Night, Halloween Poem


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